What Our Clients Are Saying

I have been working with Elisha since I started my Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery practice in this area a number of years ago. She has always been committed to excellence on a number of levels. As a fellow business owner, she continually strives to improve the patient experience for my cosmetic surgery patients, but also has repeatedly updated her the way the doctors are able to interact with her nurses and caretakers. I have been very pleased with her communication processes and it has been extremely easy for my office to interact with her company when we sign patients up and also when I am looking to discuss a situation directly with her or her staff. Lastly, she is a lovely and bright individual and is wonderful to work with. She is always positive, dependable and goes the extra mile for the patients and her clients.

Dr. Jason Bloom Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon at Main Line Center for Laser Surgery

Elisha has been a pleasure to work with for the last several years. She continually works on improving her business and does a great job communicating. She has invested great time and thought in improving her company and continues to do so. She is dependable, positive, proactive, and a pleasure to work with!

Dr. Evan Sorokin Plastic Surgeon and Owner at Delaware Valley Plastic Surgery

Elisha Lowe is a fabulous coach, she’s helped me create a Daily Action Plan, get clear on my goals, set those goals and be very specific on how I wanted to achieve them. She was instrumental in getting me to think outside the box and motivate me to create additional revenue streams. She was able to do all this and more within one month. I have no doubt that by utilizing her services and techniques you’ll experience success. I highly recommend her. Her passion is sure to inspire you too.

Craig S. Kaplan President Hashtag Multimedia