Grow Your Dreams in Fertile Soil: Start with a 21-Day Detox from Social Media

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Grow Your Dreams in Fertile Soil: Start with a 21-Day Detox from Social Media

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much” Jim Rohn

It’s the 2nd Quarter

How’s your year coming along? Still focused on the goals you set at the top of the year? How’s your health? Making any inroads around increasing your wealth? Have you created anything lately? Has your work performance improved? Are your relationships where you’d like them to be?

Have you made the decision to live up to your highest potential or are you still playing small?

Ways to identify if you’re playing small

1.     When you think, or speak about your future, it doesn’t excite you

2.     Instead of speaking about and acting on your desires you spend time in other people’s business

3.     You complain about being bored

4.     You lose yourself and all sense of time scrolling through social media

5.     You consume more than you produce

6.     You have a daily line up of TV shows you must watch…and you don’t get paid from this activity

7.     You are the go to person for gossip; you enjoy sipping and spilling “the tea”

Reap what you sow

Jim Rohn used to say, “You must get good at one of two things: sowing in the spring or begging in the fall.” This season I am sowing seeds for greater health, excellence in my work, creating meaningful content as a writer, and healthy relationships. I’ve been very intentional about spending time in play and relaxation both alone and with others. I’ve learned that as much as it is critical to our well-being to do the things that power us up, it is just as important to make time to power down and recharge. What seeds are you planting?

If you’re spending any length of time in the activities that keep you playing small, you are sowing seeds of mediocrity. You can change that and spring is the perfect time to sow new seeds so get busy. Seeds come in a variety of types just like dreams. What do you desire? What would you like to show up in your life over the next 6 months? How about that business idea you have, the book you want to write, a promotion at work, breakthroughs in your health, a baby, a new relationship or even deepening existing relationships? The possibilities of what you can reap are endless but first you must sow the seed. Start sowing now.

Preparing the Soil

First-time gardeners often make the mistake of sowing seeds in unprepared soil. They spend weeks watering and waiting for their seeds to grow only to learn that the environment could not support growth. They are frustrated at first but those who go on to reap bountiful gardens understand the importance of planting in a fertile environment. Your dreams are seeds and you are the soil. What environment are you planting your dreams in. Is it one full of doubt, self-hate, insecurity, laziness, anger, depression? If so, make time to enrich yourself in ways that make it possible for your dreams to fully bloom.

At our core, we are greatness

I believe that each one of us are here on this planet with a purpose. We each have a calling, mission or sacred contract that we are here to fulfill. Some people know early in life as to what that is. I didn’t realize my purpose until I was in my late 30’s. I had clues throughout my life up to that point but it all came together once I did some very intentional work to uncover it. This understanding can be a struggle for most. Are you clear why you’re here?

When you’re not clear it’s easy to get swept up into the noise of this world. The noise created by people, TV, social media, work, all our responsibilities becomes so loud it drowns out that inner voice inside that is meant to guide you. I’ve been there too. I recommend you do the following starting today:

 3 things today to quiet the outer noise and give power to your inner voice

1.     Schedule a 21-day break from all social media. Write a post to let everyone know you’re on a digital detox, bounce and stay gone for 21 days. Uninstall all social media apps from your phone too. The apps make it too easy to jump into absent minded scrolling.

2.     Shut off your TV, laptop, phone, video game unit whatever device you use to consume entertainment. No boob tube Sunday-Thursday. If you find you want to watch TV, game or movies allow yourself to do so only on Fridays and Saturdays. Read a book or learn a new skill that will help you improve in your work or relationships with self and others. I also have some self-exploration exercises you can do to help you gain greater clarity, focus and to stay in purposeful action. Email me at [email protected] to request these.

3.     Write a list of 1-3 short term projects to start and possibly finish within the 21 days. Get busy sowing some seeds. I’ll be finishing up a 21-day detox tomorrow. During this time, I focused on a writing project, being consistent with my daily meditations and weight training, and I am taking golf lessons.

Make your dreams a priority. Take a 21-day break from the noise and I promise you wonderful things will begin to open up in your life. Stay tuned for upcoming articles that will help you live your dream life now. I’m so grateful to be living out my dream life today.

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